March 30th 2012 – Auto of the day – LOLA’s – THE AUTO OF THE DAY


Lola T70 MK 1 Spyder

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colour   Red and Green
drive   LHD
type   other
year   1965
price   P.O.R.
VAT   No
city   Leeds
country   United Kingdom
SL70/1 was the very first T70 built and the ex John Surtees and Jackie Stewart car from 1965. In 1965 the car was shown in painted Royal blue at the Racing car show in London. It was sold to J Burke of Eastleigh, Hants on March 20th – Team Surtees bought the car for John Surtees, Jackie Stewart & Tony Maggs

At Silverstone in March, SL70/1 was tested by John Surtees where it matched the outright lap record. The car was then painted in Team Surtees colours, red with longitudinal green stripes. The engine was gradually enlarged with first a 4.5 Traco Oldsmobile, a 4.5 Chevrolet and then a 5.9 Traco Chevrolet engine (366 cu. inches).

The car was raced in UK then USA in the 1965/1966 season and driven by both John Surtees and Jackie Stewart and Tony Maggs in various races. At the end of 1966 the car was sold by John Mecom to Ginji Yasuda in Japan and from that time until the present owner purchased the car in 2005 the car remained under the same ownership until Yasuda’s death and throughout the whole period it was in the possession of well known Japanese preparer Yoshiaki Kobayashi

On arrival in Japan the car was raced extensively for 3 seasons 1967/68/69 and each year took part in the Japanese GP all of which is evidenced by the records from the Fuji Speedway which clearly states the results of SL70/1

The car was then stored by Y.Kobayashi until he started a restoration program in 2000, the fame of the car was such that the renowned Japanese car magazine Car Graphic serialized the project giving an extensive record of this famous car over two issues which can be viewed as part of the history. In addition there are signed statements by Koboyashi confirming he has had the car and all the original parts in his possession from 1967 until 2005

SL70/1 has fully documented and unquestionable history, it comes with original bodywork where the original Blue colour from the first showing at the Motor Car show in 1965 are clearly visible together with much of the original chassis, engine and other parts, any expert inspections are welcome

On its return to the UK although recently restored the present owner engaged Historic Automobiles to rebuild the car to race ready conditions including new Tim Adams 5.9 Chevrolet engine and all new suspension/bag tanks/brakes etc since which time the car has done very little millage.

Today the car is eligible for and extremely competitive in Sports Racing Masters, Goodwood and other events such as CER.

SL70/1 is a unique piece of Lola racing history and one of the most iconic sports cars designed.


Mar 1965 BARC Senior Service 200 at Silverstone, 25 laps, race number 1

Practised 2nd fastest to Jim Clark in Lotus 30. The race was held in pouring rain and stopped after eighteen laps out of twenty five. Surtees led after Clark spun but then spun himself after allowing Clark to take over the lead again.

J. Surtees 2nd

May 1965: LA Times GP, Riverside: J Stewart; DNS

May 1965: Silverstone, J Surtees: DNF 3 laps from the end when leading

May 1967 Round 4 Japan GP Group 6 – qualified 8th by Ginji Yasuda. Retired

Aug 1967 All Japan Sports Car Race Group 7 – 2nd in race driven by Ginji Yasuda

Mar 1968 All Japan Sports Car Race Fuji 300km race. Ginji Yasuda qualified 2nd, retired

May 1968 Japan Grand Prix Ginji Yasuda qualified 16th, retired 50th lap of the 54 lap race

Nov 1968 World Challenge Cup Fuji 200 miles race (Japan CAN AM) – DNF Driven by Takahashi Kunimitsu.

Oct 1969 Japan Grand Prix qualified 14th, retired. Drivers Mutsuaki Sanada/Isamu Kazuya

Price: ??

Value: $500,000 – 1.5 mil.

Comment: The first Lola T70, impeccable history, and look at the names of the drivers and entrants that raced her, well worth the money. A deserved Auto of the day


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