March 30th 2012 – Auto of the day – LOLA’s – Auto #2

Price is EUROS520,000

I’m pleased to be able to offer for sale my very favorite Lola T70 of all time. I used to own and race this car from the late 1980s to the mid 1990s and she’s a fantastic car! I have many fond memories of just what a great car she is. I sold her to Jonathan Baker and he went on to rack up more than twenty victories with her before he, in turn, sold her. She’s been very well maintained and serviced and is ready to go right now. The car is in Europe.

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This T70 was originally owned by Sid Taylor and raced by Denny Hulme, Brian Redman, Frank Gardner, Nino Vaccarella, Andrea de Adamich, etc. As you can see from the history below, she is probably the most successful T70 coupe of all, winning five races, placing second four times and third just once in 1969.

She is fitted with a 5.0 liter (305 cubic inch), Chevrolet small block on injection and is probably the fastest and best set up T70 in the World. For more information, see history below, prepared by Franco Varani.


This car was the first MkIIIB coupe and was introduced to the public in January ’69 at the Earls Court Motor Show in London. Sold to Sid Taylor and sponsored by Hamlyn Books, the car was raced that season by some of the top drivers of the day; Brian Redman, Frank Gardner, Denny Hulme, Andrea de Adamich, Peter Revson, Sten Axelsson, Nino Vaccarella and Dieter Quester all took the helm at one point in the season with some measure of success. From seventeen race starts, the car finished in thirteen and ended up on the podium ten times with five wins, four seconds and a third. Brian Redman was the most successful of the drivers winning the Embassy Trophy at Thruxton, the Norisring 200 Mile and the Swedish GP at Karlskoga. Denny Hulme won the Kodak Trophy at Thruxton whilst on holiday with his family, and Frank Gardner won at Innsbruk in Austria.

At the end of the season Sid rented the car to John Love for the Springbok series and, sponsored by Team Gunston, finished second in the series winning the 3-hour races at Bulawayo and Pietermaritzburg. He was beaten to the title by Mike de Udy in SL76/149, who then bought SL76/138. Still in Gunston colors but entered by Grand Bahama, Mike only raced the car once, in the BOAC 1000 Kms at Brands Hatch where the car retired with camshaft problems. It was sold to Paul Vestey who did nothing with the car but sell it to Mike Coombe. Now painted mauve, Mike had a torrid time in 1971 with the now outdated car. He sold the car to Jack le Fort who raced it once at Silverstone where a brush against the pit wall damaged the nose. Whilst he was fixing it, he decided to restore the car instead. The restoration, in street legal spec, took 940 man hours. Now finished in red, the car was track tested at Silverstone by motor sport journalist Nigel Roebuck for “Competition Car” magazine. Jack sold the car to GT40 specialist John Etheridge in 1977 who only used the car on the road briefly before selling it to John Heath. He added a gold stripe, did some historic racing with the car then sold it to fellow historic racer Mike Wheatley.

Mike raced the car for the next eight seasons, repainting the car orange in 1986. Over the winter of 1987/88 Mike decided to rebuild the car on a new Lola-supplied tub keeping the original tub in storage as a spare. Mike badly crashed the new car in its first race in early ’88. Whilst Mike was recovering, John Hunt and Mike Ostroumoff bought the wreck along with the original tub, which they rebuilt with the parts from the wreck and a new set of bodywork. Now painted white and blue, John raced the car four times then decided it wasn’t quick enough, so in 1989 he built a brand new car on a new tub with all new parts and the chassis plate from the original car. That car is currently owned and raced by Nick Linney and Frank Sytner.

The old Sid Taylor car, still complete and only lacking its chassis plate, was sold to T70 historian and author John Starkey. John raced the car over the next five years restoring the chassis in between times over the winter of 1991/92. In 1994 he sold the car to Jonathan Baker who repainted the car in silver with a red stripe and raced it in historics until selling it to its present owner in 2000. Still in silver and red, and now plated “SL76/1-138”, the car can still be seen racing in historic events across Europe.

SL76/138 Ownership History

02/01/69: Sid Taylor Racing, England
• fitted with Morand tuned Chevrolet 302ci 5.0 liter V8
• fitted with Hewland LG600
• colored white with green centre stripe
• raced by Brian Redman, Frank Gardner, Denny Hulme, Andrea de Adamich, Peter Revson, Sten Axelsson, Nino Vaccarella and Dieter Quester
00/11/69: John Love, Rhodesia
• rented for Springbok series
• sponsored by Team Gunston – repainted orange and brown
• raced by John Love and Brian Redman
00/05/70: Michael Grace de Udy, England
• entered by Grand Bahama Racing – repainted pale green
• raced once by de Udy and Gardner
00/00/70: Paul Vestey, England
• unused
00/00/71: Mike Coombe, England
• fitted with Mathwall-tuned Chevrolet 302ci 5.0 liter V8
• repainted mauve
• entered by The Opposite Lock Club
• race by Coombe, Vestey, Muir, Edwards and Rousselot
00/00/72: Jack le Fort, England
• painted red
• raced once in 1973
• 940 man hours restoration by Classic Motors Works in 1973
• fitted with Morand tuned Chevrolet 302ci 5.0 liter V8
• registered for road use GB: MME 10L
• track tested by Nigel Roebuck for Competition Car at Silverstone in 1974
• raced once by Jack le Fort in 1975
00/00/77: John Etheridge, England
• road use only – never raced
00/00/79: John Heath, England
• added gold centre stripe
• raced in historics
00/00/80: Mike Wheatley, England
• race prepared by DK Engineering
• raced in historics 1980 to ’87 by Richard Bond and Mike Wheatley
• tub stripped winter 1987/88 – parts used to build new car
• stripped chassis placed in storage
00/00/88: Mike Ostroumoff and John Hunt, England
• original chassis rebuilt using parts from new car wrecked by Wheatley
• finished with new body in white and blue
• raced four times in historics by Hunt in 1989
• plate removed and transferred to second new car
• original car sold on complete but minus chassis plate
00/00/89: John Starkey, England
• repainted red with yellow centre stripe
• raced in historics
• chassis restoration and rebuilt winter 91/92
00/00/94: Jonathan Baker, England
• repainted silver with red centre stripe
• raced in historics
00/00/00: Sold to current owner
• raced in historics
• offered for sale in 2011

SL76/138 Race History

SL76/138 – Brian Redman – 1969 Embassy Trophy, Thruxton

Sid Taylor Racing – Chevrolet 5.0 Liter V8

30/03/69: International Trophy, Silverstone B.Redman #29 2nd
04/04/69: Guards Trophy Snetterton B.Redman #51 DNF
07/04/69: Embassy Trophy, Thruxton B.Redman #4 1st
13/04/69: BOAC 500, Brands Hatch P.Revson/D.Hulme/S.Axelsson #4 DNF
25/04/69: Monza 1000 Kms, Italy F.Gardner/ Adamich #33 5th
17/05/69: Martini Trophy, Silverstone B.Redman #9 2nd
26/05/69: Tourist Trophy, Oulton Park B.Redman #39 19th
08/06/69: Paris GP, Montlhery B.Redman DNA
29/06/69: Norisring 200 Miles, Germany B.Redman #3 1st
06/07/69: Vila Real 6 Hours, Portugal B.Redman DNA
13/07/69: Wills Trophy, Croft T.Taylor #2 2nd
20/07/69: Mugello GP, Italy N.Vaccarella/ Adamich #71 3rd
10/08/69: Kodak Trophy, Thruxton D.Hulme #3 1st
17/08/69: Swedish GP, Karlskoga B.Redman #3 1st
24/08/69: Finnish GP, Keimola B.Redman DNS
31/08/69: Mantorp Park, Sweden B.Redman #2 14th
13/09/69: Anderstorp 1 Hour, Sweden B.Redman #14 2nd
21/09/69: Preis von Salzburg, Salzburgring D.Quester #37 DNF
05/10/69: Preis von Tirol, Innsbruk F.Gardner 1st
12/10/69: Donaupokal, Salzburgring D.Quester ?

Team Gunston / John Love – Chevrolet 5.0 Liter V8

08/11/69: Kyalami 9 Hours, South Africa J.Love/B.Redman #1 DNF
23/11/69: Cape Town 3 Hours, Killarney J.Love #1 2nd
01/12/69: Lourenco Marques 3 Hours J.Love #1 DNF
14/12/69: Bulawayo 3 Hours, Rhodesia J.Love #1 1st
27/12/69: Pietermaritzburg 3 Hours, S Africa J.Love #1 1st

Grand Bahama Racing / Mike de Udy – Chevrolet 5.0 Liter V8

11/04/70: BOAC 1000 Kms, Brands Hatch F.Gardner/ Udy #7 DNF
13/04/70: Le Mans Trials, France F.Gardner/ Udy #17 DNA

Opposite Lock Club / Mike Coombe – Chevrolet 5.0 Liter V8

04/04/71: BOAC 1000 Kms, Brands Hatch B.Muir/G.Edwards #4 DNS
17/04/71: Le Mans Trials & 3 Hours M.Coombe #78 DNA
02/05/71: Criterium Nivernais, Magny-Cours M.Coombe #64 DNS
09/05/71: Spa 1000 Kms, Belgium M.Coombe/P.Vestey #29 DNF
30/05/71: Nurburgring 1000 Kms, Germany M.Coombe/P.Vestey DNA
30/05/71: Thruxton Modsports & GT M.Coombe 2nd
31/05/71: Silverstone, National Formula Libre M.Coombe 2nd
06/06/71: Texaco Trophy, Zolder Interserie M.Coombe #37 DNA
04/07/71: Vila Real International, Portugal M.Coombe #7 DNF
18/07/71: SMT Trophy, Ingliston, Scotland M.Coombe DNA
15/08/71: Wunstorf, ADAC Flugplatzrennen M.Coombe 6th
29/08/71: Mendig, ADAC Flugplatzrennen M.Coombe 6th
11/09/71: Crystal Palace, Special GT M.Coombe ?
03/10/71: Preis von Baden, Hockenheim M.Coombe #7 12th
17/10/71: Paris 1000 Kms, Montlhery M.Coombe/F.Rousselot 12th
20/11/71: Silverstone, National Sprint M.Coombe ?

Jack le Fort – Chevrolet 5.0 Liter V8

28/08/72: Rothmans 50,000 Brands Hatch A.Powell #54 DNQ
9/08/73: Silverstone, England J.le Fort DNF
00/07/75: Unicognac Trophy, Silverstone J.le Fort DNF

Being offered here:

Asking EURO 520,000 – Approx. US$700,000

Value: US$500,000 – 1.5 mil.

Comment: Good value for a T70, but is it original, and does it matter?. It is the first Mark 3B and if all checks out would be an amazing buy.


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