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1909 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Roi des Belges




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Body Style: Roi des Belges   Stock No.: 132045   Condition: Mint   Interior: Black Leather   Exterior: Cream

Location: Orange Village, Ohio, United States


Chassis #60970. The only short wheelbase sport chassis Silver Ghost in existence. Restored to original specification, including Roi des Belges coachwork. Interesting, documented history. Simply stunning.

This Silver Ghost, chassis number 60970, is the only short wheelbase sport chassis Silver Ghost in existence. It carries a duplicate of its original Barker Roi des Belges bodywork, has a known, fascinating history from new, and presents in breathtaking, concours-ready condition throughout. One of the most impressive, documented, and authentic early Ghosts in the world, this is a unique opportunity to own a significant automobile that can anchor even the most impressive collections and museums.

Having won events like Pebble Beach, Meadow Brook Hall, Amelia Island, and being a multiple Rolls-Royce Owner’s Club winner, 60970 is a stunning automobile in every regard. The cream coachwork contrasts brilliantly with the charcoal gray leather upholstery and black canvas top, and is virtually flawless inside and out. Compared to the Roi des Belges bodies built on the standard chassis, many feel that the shorter sport wheelbase results in a more balanced appearance and tidier proportions. Detailing is exceptional, with charcoal gray pinstripes and polished hardware throughout the chassis. Accessories include a python horn, running board mounted toolboxes and shoe cleaning mats, and a complete tool roll. 

The interior is tastefully trimmed in charcoal gray leather with polished wood and nickel accents. The polished aluminum and oak dashboard sports an array of useful gauges, from oil pressure to an Elliott Brothers speedometer. As with the exterior, there are virtually no flaws, no marks, and no wear to any of the components.

Powered by its original 7.2-liter inline six cylinder engine making 48 horsepower, 60970 is a fantastic runner. Thanks to the sport chassis and original subframe-mounted 4-speed gearbox with overdrive, it is a spirited performer and can easily accelerate from barely more than a crawl to top speed in high gear. A 12-volt starting system has been added, as well as an air pressure type fuel system, making this a reliable, powerful, brass-era tourer that will be the star of any event. 

Silver Ghosts of this caliber are seldom offered on the open market. Restored to extremely high standards, this car remains competitive at the highest levels, and is gladly welcomed at any show or driving event in the world. With uncompromising quality, sparkling performance, and a fascinating story to tell, this short wheelbase sport chassis Silver Ghost is unique among its peers. 

For more information, a detailed ownership history, and more than 60 additional photographs, please visit

Inquire 216-496-9492

Advertiser Since 2008

Dealer Information for Vintage Motor Cars

362 Blossom Lane
Orange Village, OH 44022
PH: 216-496-9492
(Google MapYahoo! Map)

Price: ???
Value: US$500,000 – 2.0 mil. depending on coachwork
Comment: Even though it is a rebody, it is rebodied to its original spec, and rebodies dont hurt Rolls as much as other makes. This is a one off, is unique, would be worthy of a million dollar plus price tag, and is the car of the day.

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