Mar. 23rd 2012 – Auto of the day – HAND BUILT – THE AUTO OF THE DAY

Delage D8S Cabriolet – For Sale

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For the avid collector, the D8S was the greatest Delage road car. In the mind of a purist, the later D8120 was nothing more than Delahaye with two extra cylinders. While this may be a point of discussion, it is sure that D8S is the last great car made by the original Delage company.

In comparison with the standard D8 the chassis was shorter and stiffer, the engine substantially more powerful. Very expensive at the time, very few were made. In terms of desirability, the ‘S’ should under no circumstances be confused with the standard model.

André Surmain was probably the greatest collector of Delage ever. A great French chef, he founded the world renowned restaurant in New York, Lutèce. He indulged a large proportion of his profits in his Delage collection, most of which were D8S. He kept most of his cars in New York until he moved to Majorca in the mid seventies. A series of beautiful women gradually ate into his capital, and little by little he was forced to sell his cars. He is still alive today, living on the French Riviera. I knew him for a few years, but unfortunately he is now very difficult to contact.

He bought this car in the sixties in England, and then took it to New York. Subsequently the car went to Majorca before being sold to a collector named Leon at Saint Rafael. In the nineties the car was sold to a Parisian collector who had it restored by the best French restoration house, Bonnefoy. The car is in really excellent condition, and despite recently completing a rally in the United Arab Emirates with the current owner, is ready to show.

Neither André Surmain nor I know who the original coachbuilder was. It appears to be Pourtout, but there is no proof of this. One thing is sure, the car is strikingly handsome.

The engine carries no number, so I must assume that it is not original to the chassis, however it is a correct ‘S’ spec engine.

Being sold here:

Price: ???

Value: US$500,000 – 4 mil.

Comment: An amazing, elegant, beautiful, hand built DELAGE. VERY much my Auto of the day


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