Mar. 23rd 2012 – Auto of the day – HAND BUILT – Auto #9

1928 Cunningham Berline



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Body Style: Berline   Mileage: 6000   Condition: Excellent   Interior: Gray   Exterior: Kahki

Location: Norwich, New York, United States
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1928 Cunningham Berline, This is the only total original model in the world including the tires. Cunningham only made about 500 cars during their production years. Today there are about 40 in existence of which some are ambulances. They were known as ” America’s Rolles Royce”, very expensive ( made to order ) and  owned by the rich and famous.

This model was made for a banker’s wife in Oneonta , N.Y. Her initials are painted on the rear door as was the custom. It has a V-8 engine (designed by the company), aluminum heads, aluminum fan and water jacketed manifold (for easy starting in cold weather), trouble light under the hood, air compressor under the driver’s seat, a microphone in the rear compartment to talk to the driver when it is closed, and is heated with a hot water heater. The compartment  has 2 jump seats, silk curtains, cherry wood trim, and goose down pillows.

The cab on the car is aluminum and is cradled in horse carriage springs. The frame is steel. The doors have horse carriage handles( Cunningham originally made horse carriages). The windshield opens and there is a luggage rack on the back.

The car is a 7 passenger chauffeur driven limo with less than 6000 miles of use. The owner was driven around town during the spring and summer, putting the car up on blocks during the winter months in a local garage. My father -in-law purchased it from her estate.

The car has been entered in the Hershey HPOF several times, has been featured on their tapes and in several magazine articles including Hemmings. It  does attract a lot of attention where ever it has been shown. The car is presently on lown to the Northeast Classic Car  Museum , 24 Rexford St. Norwich, N.Y.13815. The car can be viewed there or on their tapes. It has many other features.

$350,000 negotiable

Value: ????
Comment: It is RARE, that is VERY VERY rare, would be well worth the US$350k


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