Mar. 20th 2012 – Auto of the day – THE AUTO OF THE DAY

1962 Cobra CSX 2026

The Hogeater. A piece of Shelby racing history is being offered for sale. This 1962 Cobra CSX 2026, nicknamed “The Hogeater”, was the first Cobra ever to win a race in the US and the First Championship winning Cobra. It won the SCCA-A Production National Championship in 1963 helping secure Shelby American’s First Manufacturer’s Championship.

The car was prepared as a team race car with initial body and chassis modifications including Koni shocks, a steering brace, a 37-gallon fuel tank with a quick release filler, a hood scoop, front and rear brake cooling scoops, dual brake master cylinders, alloy brake calipers, anti-sway bars, stiffer springs, a roll bar and quick jacking points front and rear. The dash is dominated by a placard indicating the positions of the floor-mounted fuel valve. It originally had a short racing windshield and the top of the left door was cut back to give the driver a little bit more arm clearance. The 289 V8 was fitted with 12:1 pistons, a roller cam, special headers and exhaust system, a Spalding Flamethrower ignition, a nine-quart oil pan, an oil cooler, and a Stewart-Warner auxiliary electric fuel pump. Four Weber 48IDM carburetors on a prototype intake manifold replaced the usual Holley 715 four-barrel.

After its first race it was modified with a full-width windscreen, bigger fender flares, front wheel spats, and 6.5 and 7.5 inch wide Halibrand magnesium wheels.

Most of this Cobra’s wins came at the hands of Privateer Bob Johnson from Columbus, Ohio. In recognition of its ability to beat the Corvettes, Johnson’s Cobra was nicknamed “The Hogeater” and he was dubbed “King Cobra”.

In 1964 CSX 2026 was sold to Minnesotan Jerry Hansen who finished 6th in the Central Division. It was then sold to another Minnesota racer Jim Whelan who ran it in mainly regional SCCA events. Whelan’s season ended after an accident in the summer of 1965. After being rebuilt CSX 2026 headed south for a few years before being discovered by a Michigan collector and restorer. It then passed to two more owners before being restored by Wisconsin Cobra expert Randy Bailey. Bailey restored CSX 2026 using advice from Bob Johnson and photographs of the car at Sebring and drawings by the artist Bill Millburn to authenticate its 1960s race configuration.

This historic Cobra has been invited to appear at the 2012 Monterrey Motorsports Reunion which will celebrate the Shelby Cobra marque.

$2.75 M

To inquire further about the car shown above, or for help in locating other fine European classic cars, please contact our Sales Manager Alex Finigan via email or by calling him directly at 978-768-6092. The fax number is 978-768-3523.

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Price: US$2.75 mil..

Comment: Worth it and more, the greatest cobra ever mdae ?

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