Mar. 19th 2012 – Auto of the day – Auto #2




We are proud to sell on behalf of the owner this great and beautyfull car. The service and all information about this car will be provided. Please call and we will redirect you to the specialist for classical cars. For information call germany: 02382-7600698 (Mo.-Fr. 11-19 Uhr) – international: +49-2382-7600698 (Monday to Friday 11am until 7pm german time)



1929 Isotta Fraschini Typo 8 AS Landaulette Imperiale by Castagna



Total examples of this model built: In total about 950 Typo 8. Only from 1927 came the much rarer Typo 8AS (S for Spinto or Sport).




Power: 7.370 cc. 8 cylinder in line producing 155 HP enabling a top speed of 150 Km/h.




Sort of fuel: Low octane (95) fuel




Gearbox: 3 speed manual + reverse




Coachbuilder: Castagna – Milano




Color combination:


Body: coffee with milk / dark blue


Interior: dark blue leather in front / beige cloth rear




Kilometers: Km-counter showing 1040 Km. after restoration.




1-st registered – 1929






This is THE motorcar of superlatives !


It starts already with the concept of this top-range vehicle.


Isotta Fraschini used the best quality technology available at that time resulting in a motorcar which was capable of the astonishing speed of more than 150 Km/h in the late twenties. Looking and listening nowadays at the overhead cam 7,3 litre straight eight (the most powerful – 150 HP – production straight eight engine when it was introduced in the mid-1920s), very neatly assembled using lots of beautifully cast aluminium components and whispering quietly at tick-over, this experience is a real delight for any vintage motoring fanatic. There was an original guarantee that these cars would do easily 150 Km/h, with the capability of running at both 150 Km/h and 10 Km/h in the same gear, although gearchange couldn’t be easier with a standard full synchro 3 speed gearbox.


But speed wasn’t the main target this North-Italian car manufacturer aimed at. Their intention was to build top-quality motorcars with lots of style.


The most famous coachbuilders tested their talents on the Isotta Fraschini 8 cylinder chassis, amongst which Carrozzeria SALA, Stabilimenti FARINA, TOURING, and in case of this particular chassis N° 1500 it was CASTAGNA from Milan, reputed for a style of slightly decadent opulence, who built the Landaulette Imperiale body. Proportionally this Castagna Landaulette Imperiale design is a visual delight from the beautiful radiator and correct period mascot, over the long straight bonnet flanked by sweeping wings each one holding a spare wheel to the spacious cabin fitted with rear convertible Landaulette hood.



The car’s interior features a wealth of detail with the use of only the finest materials complemented to the exterior by Grebel headlamps (Castagna were at the time official representatives of this famous French manufacturer). Matching the splendid upholstery is beautiful inlaid woodwork together with art deco silver plated grab handles. The attention to detail is quite exquisite with all the brightwork on the car finished either in chrome, silver plated or polished nickel.


Sold new through the very active New York Isotta Fraschini dealers D’Annunzio in 1929 to Mr. Charles Penn director from American Tobacco (Lucky Strike). Re-imported to Italy for a North-Italian businessman who had this Isotta Fraschini regardless of costs completely ‘nut and bolt’ restored to fastidious standards by well reputed specialist Bragoli from Corte Maggiore over a period of 5 years.


Very little milage since and still in absolutely immaculate condition, this Isotta Fraschini represents a unique opportunity for the prestigecar connoisseur who would like to own one of the most famous and greatest limousines of this world.

 On Ebay not with a starting bid of EURO 465,000

Value: US$300,000 – 1.0 mil.

Comment: A great looking Isotta, with a great restoration, would fit into any great colelction



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