Mar. 15th 2012 – Auto of the day – Auto #2

Voisin M1/C1/C2 Sport-Torpedo 1919 for sale

The Ultimate barn-find: Aero-Engine 1918 Avions Voisin project, dismantled, restorable remains of the original Sport-Torpedo body.
NB A photo posted here shows the actual chassis available, other photo show the actual OX5 engine on offer.
The others are library pix. This first-production-year C1 Voisin has all the appearance of the first 20 chassis GV et Cie laid down when Gabriel first quit airplane manufacturing, (pissé-off by French genocidal war deployment of the 10,000 kites Aeroplanes G Voisin produced under contract)
GV tested his birthday-treat first-flight test-chassis at 2a.m. even your top foreman can’t quickly flip the rear axle Gleason diff gears. Tant-pis, Gabriel soon discovers that his kite at 25 Knots in reverse stops super-smartly on the ice surface, immediately twigs that the 2-wheel brakes are in effect acting on front wheels with the chassis was going backwards. He was so impressed that he ordered the works to start fitting front brakes on the next batch of chassis.
The moral of this story is the cast-steel rear brakes proves our chassis is one of the first batch retro-fitted with a then-new aluminium front brake set-up.
An Aero-Engined Special at Prescott with front-wheel-brakes may raise a few eyebrows…. but somebody has to break new ground…new ground?? aw, shucks *shrugs*
Radiator, wheels, steering, dash, windscreen/shield… just ask for a list
This chassis lost its sleeve valve motor during the war
The 8-litre V8 hemi-head OHV Curtiss OX-5 has space to spare.
A huge Minerva project competes for space, take your pick, sell or trade something more immediately mobile.
Price neg/trade/swap… email for more info.
First-world professional restoration facilities available at second-world rates.
Shipping personally-supervised by top NZ expert, local car enthusiast.
Just ask for quote….
Asking: ??? (I would expect US$300,000 – 500,000)
Value: ????
Comment: what an amazing car, with an Aeroplane engine, not sure what you would do with it, but again would be heaps of fun to behold, just starting the thing up would be a hoot.

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