Mar. 8th 2012 – Auto of the day – Auto #5

1911 Packard 30HP

Fabulous 1911 Packard

101 Years old

The Ultimate Brass Era Car

All Original


This amazing car has only had 3 owners since new.

Originally owned by the Whitney banking family in New York,(per the last owner)   The car was then given to the family chauffeur who drove it to New Orleans  where the third owner, a 19 year old college student, saw it in a carriage house/barn.

He tracked the second owner to a bar in the French Quarter where he acquired it on the spot.

He said he took his time and spent the next 5 days traveling to Houston   with no overheating problems or break downs of any kind

He stated even in 1947 it drew a crowd every where he stopped,  

It’s been in central Texas ever since, being put in a climate controlled museum and not driven approx 30+ years ago.

The engine was rebuilt the year prior to being put in the museum.

The upholstery, carpet and paint are all original and would necessitate replacement to be concours.

The  mahogony wood work is beautiful and when looking at the undercarriage it’s hard to imagine this car was built over 100 years ago! There is no sagging when any of the doors are opened!

The Brass is what sets this car apart from all the rest, when viewing the photos notice all the hinges and most fittings are all Brass, as are the door and grab handles.

After soaking the cylinders in Marvel Mystery oil, changing all the fluids and cleaning the carb, (the gas tank and carb had been propery drained prior to storage) it runs great, no smoke, starts easily (after spending several hours learning the proper starting procedure),

I took a video of it driving around the building,    It has plenty of power and the brakes work well.

If you have any questions, would like to see the video or make an offer, feel free to contact John McMahan at 832-282-0194.



Description courtesy of Ebay

Price: US$275,000

Value: ???

Comment: A great, early Packard in fantastic condition, good buying.


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