Mar. 6th 2012 -Auto of the day – Auto #5


– ACD certified Category 1 Original
– Original frame, number 2402
– Original body, number 2402
– Original engine, J-306
– Long wheelbase chassis
– Coachwork by Willoughby
– 7-passenger limousine with quarter windows
– Chassis was born with engine J-383
– J-383 was defective and factory replaced with J-306
– Schebler model S carburetor
– Tan leather interior
– Dual side mount spares
– Dual horns, spotlight
– Luggage rack


In all of American automotive history there is no more regal creation than the Duesenberg J. Introduced at the 1928 New York Auto Show in bare chassis form, the Model J was a showcase of advanced technology, most notably in its engine, a 420 CI twin overhead cam, 32-valve behemoth that generated 335 lb.-ft. of torque at just 500 RPM, enabling a second gear speed of 90 MPH. Although conventional in design, the chassis and suspension were remarkably refined; the massive frame was strong enough to mount the heavy custom coachwork buyers purchased separately from one of a select few builders, and special attention was paid to the suspension and driver-adjustable, hydraulically-assisted brakes.

The Duesenberg Model J was the original American luxury performance automobile, uncompromising in both design and execution and by far the most advanced of its time. It has always been an ultimate symbol of success, a quality embodied in this 7-passenger 1930 limousine with coachwork by Willoughby Body Company of Utica, New York. Certified by the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Club as a Category 1 Original, it comprises original chassis number 2402 and original body number 2402; the original engine, J-383, was defective and replaced at the Duesenberg factory with its present engine, number J-306, which uses a Schebler Model S carburetor.

Finished in elegant dark Green, the car bears trademark Duesenberg styling cues: twin side-mount spares, louvered hood, articulated spotlight, dual horns and that unmistakable “moustache” bumper. The Willoughby coachwork is completed inside with opulent pleated Tan leather and full-length Persian-style rug carpeting, a luxurious but not ostentatious combination that is in keeping with this grand American classic’s overall presentation.

Description courtesy of

Not sold at US$350,000

Value: 500,000 – 700,000

Comment: Duesenberg J’s dont come any cheaper. Good value.


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