Mar. 2nd 2012 – Auto of the day – Auto #3

PORSCHE 911L 1968

Fred Baker ordered this Porsche 911 L in 1968 directly from the factory in order to participate with success to the Trans- Am Championship in 1968 and 1969. Only 15 Porsche 911 L “Lightweight” has been manufactured 4 or 5 came to the USA the rest has been used mostly in Rallies in Europe. This car is a true factory race car and not a street version 911 L dressed up as a race car. In February 1973 Bill Lanphear purchased the 911 L from Century Motors in Orange County. he was told that they raced it in 1970 and the last half of 1971. The car ran in C- production won a 1st place finish with milt Minter in 1970.information about the car. The Porsche has been completely restored. It is also the only known 911 L in the Trans-Am race history who never crashed while racing and the only used car, Porsche has featured in the cover of a Porsche catalog in the fall of 1968.

We do have a lot of documentation about this car.

European Vintage Car Company is the only company authorized to sell this amazing Porsche 911 L “Lightweight”.

Trans – Am. Race History

1. 12 Hours of Sebring Florida March 1968.
Lead for the first hour, Bert Everett won U-2 with F. Baker 4th Car #8
2. War Bonnet 250 May 12th 1968 New Mannford Oklahoma. Dnf – (tires)
3. Lime Rock Three Hour May 30th 1968.
Fred Baker 3rd in U-2 6th overall
4. Mid Ohio June 16th 1968.
F. Baker 8th overall
5. Meadow dale 250 July 7th 1968 Carpentersville Illinois.
Fred Baker 2nd U-2 6th overall
6. Continental Divide 250 August 25th 1968.
Fred Baker 1st U-2 Porsche 911 Car # 20


1. Irish Hills Four Hour May 11th 1969 Michigan International Speedway, first race of season.
Fred Baker and Dick Smothers 1st U-2 10th overall 911 Car #20
2. Mid Ohio 100 Lap June 8th 1969
Fred Baker 2nd with Peter Gregg 1st
3. Watkins Glen 500 August 10th 1969 New York State.
Fred Baker 5th U-2 17th overall Peter Gregg 1st 12th overall
4. Kent 300 September 7th 1969 Seattle Raceway.
F. Baker 6th U-2 Porsche 911 17th overall

Additional information: Mission Bell 250 Riverside International raceway, Riverside Ca August 8th 1968.

Fred Baker 2nd U-2 Porsche 911 Car # 20, 6th overall
Final classification 1968: 3rd in U-2 with 25 points.
Final classification 1969: 6th in U-2 with 15 points.

Please serious request only.

We will accept a trade street type driving car up to $75,000.00 value (as everything is negotiable).

Price Euro 295,000 (US$398,000)

Value: ????

Comments: Rare, rare, rare. And with great history. Not many cars, porsche or otherwise, have the mix of rarity and history, would be a great little car for the track and would be more than worth the 400K


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