Mar. 1st 2012 – Auto of the day – Porsche’s #4 – THE AUTO OF THE DAY


Porsche 908 Spyder (Rennwagen) (Interne Nr: P59)


24h in Daytona
Gerhard Mitter
Richard Attwood
Udo Schütz
Judged as 24th. Dropped out in round 483. 7th in training (1.54.4 min) factory car 1969. At the time as a long-tailed coupé. White, with a red nose. Start no. 53.
1.000 km in Monza
Remodelled at the Porsche factory as Spyder with the ‘flunder’ body.
Sold to the talented Japanese racer Hiroshi Kazato. 1971: 6 races in Japan, of which 2 wins. Kazato was killed in another vehicle in a crash in 1974.
The car was kept by one of Kazato’s friends in Yamanashi for 30 years.
Bought by Peter Stoneberg, CA, USA (with the support of Paul Willison and Gerry Sutterfield).
Now owned by Manfred Freisinger, FREISINGER MOTORSPORT.

This fantastic racing car is in absolutely unobjectionable, original condition.

Description  courtesy of

Price: ????

Value: US$1.5 – 2 mil.

Comment: How to go and play with the big boys, great car, good history, no skeletons in the closet. Would be worth money.


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