Mar. 1st 2012 – Auto of the day – Porsche’s #4 – Auto #2


Paris and Frankfurt show car with racing history in period. In stock for immediate purchase.


An absolutely unique Porsche in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition. This was the prototype Porsche Turbo shown at Paris, Frankfurt, Geneva, Tokyo and Melbourne. After completing the show circuit, this car was converted by the factory to full 3-liter RSR specification for Australian Porsche importer Alan Hamilton and was raced by him in period.

This amazing Porsche has full RSR slide throttle motor, 917 brakes, and has undergone a full mechanical restoration by Jim Newton. With international show car and racing history, this unique show car / RSR makes an excellent addition to the stable of the serious Porsche collector or competition driver.

Price: $425,000.

Description courtesy of

Price: US$425,000

Value: ????

Comments: There will only ever be one FRIST 911 Turbo, and as such has to be worth the money. Great for the serious 911 collector


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