Feb. 29th 2012 – Auto of the day – Auto #4

 Porsche 911 “Turbo”

• It is a 1976, 3.0 early Turbo [first model to be 100% zinc coated against rust]
• The rumor has it that the ‘75 and ‘76 models were the most aggressive ones as Walter Röhrl once mentioned
• It has 116.000 km in total. About 5.00 km before the engine and transmission was totally redone without care about cost at a very well known Porsche Expert in Germany. The motor was redone with lots of new and very expensive parts
o New Pistons and cylinders as origninal from Mahle
o New Cylinderheads
o New Oilcooler
o New heater, exhaust as well as Waste-gate and Turbo
o Neue Clutch
o Transmission completely overhauled
• The car is completely original, even the original 1976 radio. Hence repainted in original colour Sahara-Brown some years ago
• It has the rare Recaro Sport Seats
• Original 15‘‘ Fuchs
• Sun Roof, no Air cooling
• Also nice: The cars only has a mirror on the driver side
• New Breaks
• Underfloor and surface is completely cleaned and waxed
• The car comes with original toolkit and other goodies; E.g. I also have installed a Battery-switch (one like race cars have) sitting next to the battery what makes it comfortable to put the battery off if you don’t drive it for a while and is a good theft protection. Generator for spare wheel is there etc.

Description courtesy: http://www.classicdriver.com/uk/find/4100_results.asp?bsubmit=true&lmodelflag=14948&lmanufacturer=10106&whatbutton.x=0&page=0&lCarID=1825695

Price: US$65,000

Value: (SCM) US$26,000 – 36,000

Comment: Good value, even at twice the SCM guide price, eventually these will be super collectable.


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