Feb. 28th 2012 – Auto of the day – Porsche’s #2 – Auto #4

1972 Porsche 914-6 Race Car


Full race car prepared by Patrick Motorsports in Phoenix Arizona. Perfect conditions and ready to race. Brand New 3.8 liter engine (5 hours),Never used Sparco Pro Adv seat with 6 point seat belts designed for hans device. Passenger Sparco seat with six point safety belts. Halon fire extinguishing system through several points of the car. (manually activated) Quaiffe limited slip diferential. Billstein coilovers (fully adjustable). 993 RUF 12″ front brakes. 911 rear brakes. 245/45/R16 Front tires. 275/45/16 rear tires. (hoosier sliks). Fuel Safe gas tank. Complete 2 1/2 inch roll cage. Two frontal oil cooling radiators. Very Fast!!!

Description courtesy of; http://www.race-cars.com/carsales/porsche/1271954103/1271954103ss.htm

Price: US$65,000

Value: ???

Comments: A great way to go very very VERY fast, looks good too, will not get you into many concours but for a bit of fun racing around a track, great value.



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