Feb. 28th 2012 – Auto of the day – Porsche’s #2 – Auto #3

1976 Porsche 935 IMSA 934/935

Porsche tube frame IMSA 934/935


This car just raced at Rennsport and lead the race and ended up finishing 2nd after leading for awhile with a dozen 935’s finishing behind us. Luis Mendez a past IMSA racer had a chassis builder in Atlanta that built NASCAR chassis for Rusty Wallace and Bill Elliot build this chassis. Mendez raced this car in the IMSA GTO class in the mid 80’s in the Florida races before Kikos Fonseca bought it.

Kikos Fonseca (from Costa Rica) who raced in IMSA for years bought this car from Mendez and decided to install a Motronic 962 engine he purchased from Al Holbert from Porsche Motorsports in this ultra fast chassis. Long story short this car made its way back down to South America where Kikos raced it and eventually sold it. It was bought and brought back into the states by Dave Hall in the Pacific North West. Dennis Aase drove this car for Dave Hall a couple of times up at PIR. Dave Hall sold it to his business partner, it sat for years and then I bought it and restored it. This car is eligible to race in Europe in Vintage events as it raced at FIA races.


Dennis Aase told me a really interesting and wild story about this tube frame Kikos car when I told him I bought it. It goes like this. Jorge Trejos (IMSA Racer) his head mechanic Edger Valverde was sharing with Dennis in Spanish the past of this car then Jorge stepped in to interpret and told the story on how this car was stolen and used by the Sandinistas to rob banks in the northern towns of Costa Rica and Nicaragua so they could use the monies to buy arms for their cause. This car according to the newspaper article was used as a getaway car in some bank robberies in South America. He said they had a Rocket launcher mounted or strapped to the back of this car, and they would pull up to the bank, they would threaten they were going to blow the place up and destroy the bank if they didn’t give up the cash. Anyway it was a great story and anyone who knows Dennis knows he is not just making something like this up. I would love to get a copy of this article someday. You talk about international interesting history!

Engine: flat fan 3.2 liter twin plug 962 single split snail turbo. This car has about 9 hours on it since a complete restoration/rebuild. This engine has new Pauter rods, new Mahle pistons & barrels and all the other bits. The engine has about 6 hrs on it. Approximately 660 HP at 1.2 bar of boost.

This car runs great, has Ti axles, cockpit adjustable front sway bar, Bosch injection, new fuel cell, duel peddle assembly correct 935 front Behr oil cooler. Center lock BBS wheels. Four speed gearbox. When we rebuilt the engine we upgraded the intake to the later 962 plentium.

Description courtesy of http://www.anamera.com/en/detail/car/152423/index.html?no_cache=1&ret=63

price: US$335,000

Value: US$300,000 – 750,000

Comment: 660BHP, what else needs be said. Great for the track


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