Feb. 17th 2012 – Car of the day (Ferrari’s) THE CAR OF THE DAY



With only three original P4s ever built, cars like this exceptional, race-winning example only become available on the rarest of occasions. Chassis 0858 competed under Coupe, Spyder and Can-Am configurations. Its distinguished racing career includes a third overall at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1967 and a win in the 1000-km race at Monza. Currently Spyder body work is being prepared for the car as illustrated here from the Graham Turner painting depicting Jackie Stewart driving the car in the 1967 BOAC meeting at Brands Hatch – where it finished 2nd. About as “Blue-Chip” as it gets!


Check December 2011 edition of Motorsport Magazine – page 52 – Jackie Stewart quotes the car when he mentions this P4 as the only car that worked for him at the bumpy Brands Hatch was the Ferrari P4 he drove there in 1967 – this actual car!


Talacrest (2012) asking USD 20.0 mil.

Value – ???

Comments – 1 of 3, which is rare even for Ferrari’s, as a 350 Can Am it would be worth somewhere between 5 and 10 mil, as a 330 P4 it has to be worth at least $20 mil. Compared to Testa Rossa’s (18 – 24 made) OR GTO’s (36) this is super rare. This is one of the bid daddies in the car world, you could go to ANY event, and would be amazing as a work of art, let alone a car. On ferrarichat their is much consternation over which body it should have, I personally would pay to have both bodies on removable pins so you could use it in either configuration. Either way, this is an easy pick for car of the day. 



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