Feb. 16th 2012 – car of the day – 4

Mercedes 230SL


Pagoda 1963 (Vin  #15)

Here up for bids on eBay is this very early 230SL, chassis number 15.  This car was bought new in Europe by a Pan-Am executive and later transported to his home in Seattle.  It was sold in the early 80s to the 2nd owner here in Oregon, the car just came out of long term storage where it had been sitting inside for 25 years.  The car was originally DB181 Light Beige, with a DB460 Brown hardtop and brown softop.  Although in need of a full restoration, the car is fairly complete and has a solid trunk and undercarriage.  With the exception of the driver’s side fender, all of the body panels are original to the car.

There has been some speculation on the web as to the history of this car.  It carries a 982 motor from a 220seb, similar to what was used in Eugen Boehringer’s Heckflosse rally car from 1962.  Boehringer’s 230SL rally car in 1963 was chassis number 14 off the line.  My contact at the Classic Center in Irvine has informed me that there is no connection between cars #14 and #15 that they are aware of, chassis number 15 should have had 981 engine number 15 in it.  I have no further information than that so unless I’m informed otherwise, chassis number 15 simply has an incorrect motor.

Bid $1988.00

Value: (SCM) $40,000 – $75,000

Cost to resto: would suit a home restoration to driver standard

Comment: Amazingly constructed advertisement

2/3/12 Update – Sold $13,100


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